Multiple Home Closings in the Boston Area

Every real estate transaction is different and presents unique issues and challenges. Attorney Dawley has a client whose mother died a few years ago owning four pieces of real estate in the Boston area. The goal was to sell all four properties. There were many moving parts involving real estate brokers, lenders, lawyers, home inspectors, and appraisers. Since the properties were part of an estate it was necessary to reconcile any probate issues, including whether it was necessary to get a license to sell from the Probate and Family Court. Because the estate was subject to estate tax it was imperative to get releases from the Internal Revenue Service and the Massachusetts Department of Revenue. There were four purchase and sale agreements, four buyer’s attorneys, four buyer’s brokers, four lenders, and four closings. Thanks to the experience and persistent hard work of Attorney Dawley each closing went smoothly and the client was very satisfied.