What Happens WhenYou Are Arraigned?

If you are arrested for a case that is in Framingham or Natick or any other District Court in Massachusetts your first appearance will be an arraignment. Sometimes a person charged with a crime is not arrested but sent a summons to appear for their arraignment. At the arraignment the charges are read, a not guilty plea is entered, and the judge will ask you what you plan to do about an attorney. It is very important to have an attorney with you when you are arraigned. Depending on the charge and your prior record, if any, the District Attorney might ask that the judge impose bail. If bail is imposed you have to post the money or you will be taken into custody. Also, sometimes the District Attorney or judge will want to impose certain conditions of release, and you will want an attorney with you to argue for the least restrictive conditions. If the judge does impose conditions and you do not comply with them you can be taken into custody. Typically at an arraignment the case will be continued to a second date known as a pre-trial conference. Every stage of a criminal case has critical importance and you should make sure that you are represented by experienced counsel at every point.