Criminal Defense of a Juvenile in Massachusetts

Your Child’s Future Is At Stake

When a young person is charged with a crime the outcome of the case can have far-reaching effects on the juvenile’s life. Having a criminal record can be an obstacle to employment, military service, immigration status, and obtaining a security clearance, among other things.

My name is Stephen E. Dawley, and I have been a  Framingham, Massachusetts, juvenile arrest attorney with more than 30 years of experience handling all types of criminal cases in the juvenile system. I have had great success helping juveniles get the best possible outcome to their criminal cases while helping families deal with the stress involved.

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Knowledge of the Juvenile Justice System

Juveniles charged with a crime may face different procedures and different penalties depending on how the charge is classified:

Delinquency: Delinquent is the juvenile version of guilty, and the disposition can include probation, community service, or other conditions. A committed sentence means that the juvenile is sent to a locked facility with other juveniles which is run by the Department of Youth Services.

Youthful offender: A juvenile charged with a serious offense can be charged as a youthful offender. This can result in the juvenile being sentenced as an adult and serving time in an adult correctional facility.

Parents Can Find Help

When your child is charged with a crime hiring an experienced Massachusets juvenile crime lawyer is the most important thing you can do. Although judges want to see parents accompany their child to court, most parents do not have the training or experience to deal with the legal aspects of the case by themselves. The skill and experience of an attorney are needed.

I have represented juveniles for more than 30 years and I can help you and your child.