Probation Violation

Framingham, Massachusetts, Probation Revocation Lawyer

Advocating For You

Once you are placed on probation you will be required to comply with  the terms of your probation. If your probation officer claims you have violated probation you may face serious consequences, and you need an experienced probation lawyer to stand up for you before the Court.

My name is attorney Stephen E. Dawley and I have represented hundreds of people at probation revocation hearings. If you or someone you know needs representation to fight a probation violation case call my Framingham office at 508-308-8191.

Details Of Probation Violations

Probation violations occur in many ways. It can be a new arrest, a failed drug screen, or failure to pay fines. In a OUI/DUI case a first offense condition of probation is often attending alcohol education classes. When you go before the judge on a probation violation, the judge can possibly sentence you to jail time or impose additional conditions. Some conditions that are imposed upon people on probation include:

  • Community service at a variety of menial tasks
  • Meeting with a probation officer by mail or in person
  • Attending school/complying with school rules
  • Finding a job
  • Passing random drug or alcohol screens
  • Obeying all laws and not getting arrested

The Probation Hearing

Skilled representation at a probation hearing is critically important. The standard of proof at such a hearing is lower than it is during a trial and not all rules of evidence apply. Hearings can go by quickly. I have been representing people in Massachusetts at parole revocation hearings for decades and know how to to get the best possible result.

On occasion, a probation officer will ask the Court to incarcerate a person while there probation hearing is pending. I will negotiate with the probation officer and will make him or her, and the Court, aware of any mitigating circumstances.