Natick Assault and Battery Charge Dismissed

     The client was arrested for Larceny over $250.00, a felony, from a store at the Natick Mall. After being detained by Loss Prevention officers the client asked to use the Ladies’ Room. A female officer escorted her and afterward the clent broke away and ran out of the store. She was stopped a short time later by the Natick Police and arrested. The female Loss Prevention officer claimed she was assaulted by the client so she was charged with both felony Larceny and Assault & Battery. The case was prepared for trial including a review of videotape from the store. On the date of trial the D.A. conceded that the video did not support a charge of Assault and Battery and agreed to dismiss that charge. He also agreed to reduce the Larceny charge to a misdemeanor and the client got only a fine.